This introduction course is designed to provide a condensed yet balanced look at the basics of data analyses. It includes connecting to files, shaping and transforming tables, data modelling, formulas, and the creation of interactive dashboard visuals.
This course is designed to give you a balanced, in-depth look at the four main parts that make up Power BI: report view, data view, model view, and the query editor. You will learn how to shape data allowing you to easily produce interactive dashboards.
This course covers data transformation strategies and data cleansing practices, with a deep dive into DAX measures and data modelling. Also included is a comprehensive look at creating dashboard visuals to build complexed reports.
This course combines both the introduction and intermediate levels, and seamlessly moves from one to the other. It takes a balanced look at the complete data analysis cycle, and is designed to give you the best possible platform to start using Power BI.
This course focuses entirely on creating dynamic interactive dashboard visualisations. Working with a range of visuals that include, tables, charts, maps, and the online custom visuals. Allowing you to understand trends and forecast, then share your findings in a visual format.
This DAX course focuses entirely on writing DAX measures for data modelling. It starts at an intermediate level then moves on to more advanced examples of DAX measures, allowing you to add an extra dimension of information to your dashboard visuals.