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Power BI Courses is a premium data platform training consultancy. Providing expert training to channel business critical data that generate insights, and drive outcomes throughout your organisation.

Microsoft Power BI Desktop tools are designed to be accessible to business end users, tools that let you create interactive visualisations that can be manipulated, published, and shared with others. Get the best from Power BI and make a positive impact for you, your team, and your business.

All courses are now run either face-to-face onsite or remotely online.

Power BI Courses

This introduction course is designed to provide a condensed yet balanced look at the basics of data analyses. It includes connecting to files, shaping and transforming tables, data modelling, formulas, and the creation of interactive dashboard visuals.
This course is designed to give you a balanced, in-depth look at the four main areas in Power BI Desktop. Consisting of report view, data view, model view, and the query editor, enabling table transformations to produce interactive reports.
This course covers data transformation strategies and data cleansing practices, with a deep dive into DAX measures and data modelling. It also includes a comprehensive look at creating dashboard visuals to build reports.
This course combines both the introduction and intermediate levels, and seamlessly moves from one to the other. It takes a balanced look at the complete data analysis cycle, and is designed to give you the best possible platform to start in using Power BI.
This course focuses entirely on creating dynamic interactive dashboards. Working with a range of visualisations including, tables, charts, maps, and online custom visuals. Understand trends, and share your findings in a visual format.
This DAX course focuses entirely on writing DAX measures for data modelling, It starts at an introduction level, then moves onto more advanced examples. DAX allows us to add extra information to our dashboard visuals.

What people are saying…


“Really helpful to learn about DAX measures but having the PDF as a general guide to refer back to on all topics is extremely helpful. Thanks”

Charlotte | Operations Analyst


“Thank you so much! I found it incredibly useful and all the tools covered relevant”

Jenna-Lee | Commercial Analyst

Introduction to Intermedaite

“Superb course for anyone who wants to learn Power BI”

Stephen | Systems Data Analyst


“It was very professional and a good experience”

David | IT Contractor


“This course really met my needs, was easy to follow and inspired me with new ideas of how I can use Power BI. Thank you Alan”

Steve | Senior Sponsor

Introduction to Intermediate

“Great course very useful introduction to the power of the program”

Michael | Engineer

Introduction to Intermediate

“Great introduction course, Alan was superb in going through all training material methodically. I can definitely apply what I have learnt from this course on my current projects”

Kapil | Performance & Reporting Analyst


“The course was excellent, the pace was right for my skills and the tutor was very knowledgeable”

Marcelo | Project Accountant

Introduction to Intermediate

“Excellent delivery, very informative and great support throughout the training”

Nga | Financial Analyst

Intermediate and Advanced

“The 2 courses intermediate and advanced were perfect to fill the gaps in my self taught knowledge”

Ben | Group Financial Controller

Introduction to Intermediate

“I found the course content well ordered and clear in its presentation. The clear approach to explaining alongside the provided written material made it so I could clearly follow along and will be great to review and reference while looking to incorporate Power BI into my reporting. I’ve now got an understanding of what Power BI is capable of which I didn’t previously possess”

Teleri | Shared Service Administrator (Reporting)


“Thanks Alan for your patience and the time taken to help us out when things went wrong or we didn’t have the expected outcomes. An intense course that needs ones full concentration and attention”

Nadia | Senior Consolidation Accountant

Introduction to Intermediate

“Alan is one of the most professional people I have met. Experienced and intelligent person. His course helped me to improve my knowledge within Power BI. Highly recommended!”

Diego | Logix Supply Chain Analyst

Introduction to Intermediate

“Attended Power BI training session with Alan and very impressed with the level of knowledge and ability to deliver an intense schedule of training in 2 days. Highly recommend Alan and look forward to meeting in the near future”

Jaz | Aerospace Strategic Account Manager


“Excellent course – tailored just for me. I will make sure I schedule time to practice and look forward to using Power BI. Thanks Alan”

Katy | L&D Manager

Introduction to Intermediate

“The trainer made it easy for me to comprehend new concepts and the examples provided were relevant to my business environment. I got to learn how to use Power BI to carry out data transformation, data cleansing, generate reports and visualisations for a variety of business needs and how to share these with colleagues. After the course, I was able to immediately apply what I had learnt”

Moses | Business Analyst (BCS)

Introduction to Intermediate

“Thanks Alan, great class. it would be also nice to leave some time for the students to try to solve some problems on their own”

Alexis | Junior Financial Analyst

Introduction to Intermediate

“This training gives me a good overview of Power BI, it is the first time that I am using it”

Isabelle | Netting and Treasury Specialist

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There’s no equal in the world of business analytics

Power BI is a powerful data analytics and visualisation tool that allows business users to monitor data, analyse and forecast trends, and make decisions like no other BI self-service tool can. The point of business intelligence is to make better business decisions.

Learning Power BI gives you an edge over people who are trying to analyse data using tools that are harder to use, less powerful, and less collaborative.