Course details

Duration: One-day

Location: This course is run remotely online.

This introduction to Power BI Desktop provides a condensed yet balanced look at the data analysis process. It starts by showing you how to import and connect to data from different sources, including Excel, CSV files and the web. It then focuses on the process of transforming and cleaning that data, plus appending, and merging data tables together in the Query Editor.

You will also learn how table relationships work in the Data Model, the very foundation of Power BI. DAX measures are also included in this course, allowing us to create more dynamic interactive dashboards.

Then you will look at outputting the resulting data sets in a range of visualisations to create those dashboards. The course finishes off with a look at the process of sharing those dashboards online.


Some knowledge of Microsoft Excel is preferable before attending this course.

Learning objectives

Lesson 1. Getting Started

  • The Power BI environment
  • Launch Power BI Desktop
  • The four views of Power BI
  • Dashboard visuals

Lesson 2. Connecting to Files

  • Connect to data sources
  • Connect to an Excel file
  • Connect to a CSV file
  • Connect to a web source

Lesson 3. Transforming Tables

  • Cleaning data, and data types
  • Remove rows with filters
  • Replace values
  • Fill data up and down
  • Split column by delimiter
  • Pivoting table data
  • Pivot and append table data
  • Add a custom column
  • Append data to a table
  • Add an index column
  • Fixing error issues

Lesson 4. A Look at the Data Model

  • Table relationships
  • Relationship properties

Lesson 5. Merging Queries

  • Table join kinds
  • Merging tables

Lesson 6. Creating Report Visuals

  • Create map visuals
  • Map visual controls
  • Create chart visuals
  • Formatting charts
  • Table, matrix and card visuals
  • Controlling number formats
  • Use slicers to filter reports
  • Importing online visuals

Lesson 7. What is DAX?

  • Understanding DAX expressions
  • Your first new column calculation

Lesson 8. Writing DAX Measures

  • The COUNTROWS measure
  • The DISTINCTCOUNT measure
  • DAX rules
  • The CALCULATE measure
  • Anatomy of CALCULATE

Lesson 9. What is Time Intelligence?

  • Importance of a calendar table
  • Time intelligence functions
  • The TOTALYTD measure

Lesson 10. Publish and Share Reports

  • Publishing to the online Power BI service
  • Pinning visuals to the dashboard
  • Sharing reports