Course details

Duration: 1-day

Location: This course is run virtually online.

This course is designed to get to grips with the creation and management of Power BI Desktop. At the same time maintaining a balanced look at other components that make up Power BI Desktop, including the Query Editor to transform data. Also, calculations and measures to enhance a dashboard’s creation.

The aim of this course is to dig deeper into the Power BI analysis process, by working with examples that will take you to the next level in the use of Power BI.


Our assumption is that you are already a Power BI user. If not, we recommend attending the half-day Power BI Introduction, or 1-day Power BI Introduction course first.

Learning objectives

Set Up a Data Model

  • Get data for your model
  • Connect to a folder of files
  • Check relationships

Transform Data in the Query Editor

  • Add a custom column
  • Append data to a query
  • Add an index column
  • Fix error issues
  • maths operations
  • Merge tables
  • Add a conditional column
  • Merge columns

The M Formula

  • Add an IF formula
  • Exact match look up
  • Closest match look up

Pivot and Group tables

  • Pivot and append tables
  • Pivot but don’t summarise
  • Unpivot tables
  • Group table rows
  • Append mismatched headers

Calculated Columns

  • Add a calculated column
  • SWITCH with nested TRUE


  • Use CALCULATE as a filter
  • Anatomy of CALCULATE
  • Add filter context with FILTER

Iterators and Row Context

  • Create a SUMX measure
  • Anatomy of SUMX
  • Create a RANKX

Date and Time Functions

  • Create a DATEDIFF function
  • The EOMONTH function

Time Intelligence Measures

  • The TOTALYTD measure
  • Work to a fiscal year end

Create Report Visualisations

  • Customised tool tips
  • Drill down hierarchies
  • Compare data by group
  • Use a report theme
  • Filter across report pages
  • Export data to Excel

Publish and Share Reports Online

  • Get quick insights
  • What is Q&A?
  • Create a dashboard
  • Share a dashboard