Power BI Introduction
This introduction course is designed to provide a condensed yet balanced look at the complete data analysis process, including connecting to source files, transforming data, table relationships and the creation of reports and dashboards.
Power BI Intermediate
This course is designed to give you a balanced, in-depth look at the four main areas in Power BI Desktop, consisting of report view, data view, model view, and the query editor, enabling table transformations to produce interactive reports.
Power BI Introduction to Intermediate
This combines the introduction and intermediate courses. Taking a balanced look at the complete data analysis process, with a deep dive into Power BI features. And also includes Power BI Service.
Power BI Dashboards & Reports
This course focuses entirely on creating interactive dashboards to understand trends and to get your finding out in a digestible way for end-user. Using the many visualisation tools available, you will learn how to build dynamic dashboards.
Power BI DAX Measures
This DAX course focuses entirely on data modelling with DAX measures, allowing additional information to be added to reports. It Starts with an introduction to basic functions, then moves up to more advanced DAX examples.
Quick Start Introduction
This is a condensed yet balanced look at Power BI Desktop. It includes the process of connecting to files, and the process of data transformation. It also looks at creating simple interactive dashboards.